Dear our valued customers,
We'd like to say how greatful for the support that you, our FANTASTIC customers have shown over the past year +! We are eternally greatful that we were able to stay open and keep our team together in order to continue to doing what we love! Making great tasting food! On behalf of Eric and myself, we have been able to "keep on keepin' on" becausee of our dedicated, hard working and addaptive team and for that we are forever thankful. As we trun the corner on getting back to some type of back to normal, we are still committed to being the best sandwich & pizza shop we can be! Thank you again for all of your support and patronage as we look towards a brighter future!
Be well,
Mike & Eric

What's The Deal?

"Real" is a popular term used virtually everywhere, real or not. In in our opinion, if you use that word you had better be prepared to back it up every day. What's Real? Real is knowing your neighbors, creating a friendly environment where smiling faces are the norm, not just a pleasant surprise.

Real is giving your customers more than what they've come to expect. We're all more food savvy these days. We know quality when we taste it and we demand the same quality that we insist on at home. At The Real Deal strive to use only the freshest ingredients to create genuine food at affordable prices for your family.

So what's the deal?

It's simple.
It's real fresh, real good.